How to build “best of breed” marketing processes and systems that are adaptable to a changing environment.

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  • The responsibilities of Marketing has continued to grow… touching just about every part of the business and employs a large technology stack
  • We need to have a common language to be able to talk about such a large complex set of processes and systems
  • Only then can you effectively talk about what is happening in each category and why, and plan fixes, updates, and evolutionary changes
  • Once you understand how each of the pieces interacts with each…

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Agile is a set of operating principles. But because it was a hot buzzword years ago many marketing organizations have implemented a mutated unrecognizable form of “Agile” that nullified the core principles of the agile approach. Some are just thinly disguised waterfall work-back schedules. Let’s revisit what Agile really is and set it up correctly so the benefits can be realized.

Agile came to life as a development methodology and has been adapted for other teams like marketing and we need to take care in what we modify or it will lose its effectiveness and principles. …

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When things are new they are hard to use and require specialized knowledge to operate. Over time, as common user errors are seen, safeguards and usability gets added, and usage becomes democratized.

It wasn’t that long ago that website could only be built by hand-coding HTML. The first tools were geared to help programmers to speed up their workflow. Today we have tools for non-technical end-users truly democratizing access to building websites. These users are not burdened by the syntax of the code. …

In data science there are a lot of methods that solve similar types of problems but how do you choose the right one?

I must admit I love tools. As a hobby, I like building and fixing things and have acquired many tools over the years. Some might wonder how many hammers do you need? How are they different? For some jobs, that specialized tool reduces the effort tremendously and is much more effective than a standard tool. The same can be said for algorithms and methods in Data Science.

If you have been educated as a data scientist and…

Most people outside of Marketing Operations don’t realize how much effort is involved in troubleshooting, especially if the issue is not specific. Even specific issues can take hours of investigation because the technology ecosystem and people process can be quite complex. Our IT friends will understand our pain.

The audit process can be thought of as a series of troubleshooting exercises grouped together. It is simpler when you have specific issues to investigate. In that case, you should take a deep look at the specific area of the MarTech framework but also take a cursory look at the adjacent areas…

The quality of your analytics reports depends on the proper steps being taken in the setup. As the old adage goes “garbage in” = “garbage out”. This will help you understand why the Marketing Ops team and Web team asks Campaign Marketers to ensure they have tracking on links. Usually, they mean make sure the links used in marketing material have the right UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters.

Let’s break these down as they are really simple. We are all familiar with URLs (uniform resource locator). They are just locations of web pages and within the URL we can append…

Over the years I’ve had a number of people come to me for advice on becoming a leader or a manager (often using these interchangeably in our conversations). I have had the good fortune of working for a number of excellent leaders and managers. Surprisingly they all have very different approaches. Some were very technical and could build a vision and dive deep into coding and configuring. Others were on the other end of the spectrum and focused on helping get the tools we needed, securing priority from teams we depended on, and clearing roadblocks. They shaped my definitions of…

I’ve worked in marketing ops for many years. As you know, it’s a more technical side of marketing and the scope varies from company to company often overlapping with Sales Ops and IT teams. Typically Marketing Ops is responsible for processes and systems used by the marketing teams. The lines of responsibility between teams are fairly easy to define with the sales operations but it’s murkier with IT.

In Business to Business (B2B), sales and marketing activities follow similar planning, execution, and hand-off processes from company to company. This makes it fairly easy to set a demarcation point and all…

Step 8: ROI, Plan, and Forecast

This deep dive into the eighth step of the Marketing Optimized Framework posted previously.


  • What “works” changes and everything marketing does should be a test to see if what we knew to work holds true or something new works better
  • Find out what activities, media channels, and assets worked best in progressing your prospects and do more of that
  • The more consistent our conversion rates at key point in the deal life cycle the more accurate our predictions for Planning and Forecasting


Unlike many of the previous steps, this is mostly analysis and planning activities, often associated with Quarterly Business…

Step 7: Support Sales with Intel

This deep dive into the six step of the Marketing Optimized Framework posted previously.


  • Although Sales drives the actions at this point, Marketing has done a lot of leg work and collected a lot of data that can help inform Sales actions
  • We are a team and it’s everyone’s job to do what they can to help close business and retain customers


In this step, Marketing plays the supporting role to the Sales Team working the prospects. …

MarketingOptimized: William Lum

Seasoned marketing operations professional with a love for marketing automation and data science.

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