How to build “best of breed” marketing processes and systems that are adaptable to a changing environment.

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  • The responsibilities of Marketing has continued to grow… touching just about every part of the business and employs a large technology stack
  • We need to have a common language to be able to talk about such a large complex set of processes and systems
  • Only then can you effectively talk about what is happening in each category and why, and plan fixes, updates, and evolutionary changes
  • Once you understand how each of the pieces interacts with each other you can plan/make adjustments to the individual pieces to tune the marketing machine for the outcome you want
  • operationally this deeper understand help you build metric to keep tabs on the health of the marketing machine and when a deeper diagnostic is needed

Use this framework to start to look at your marketing processes. It may be easiest to start with a table with 3 columns… Systems, Users (teams), key processes you know about with these sections. This will start you on the path of understanding how things are setup today.

Look for patterns in your Companies and the contacts within them and understand what content helps them progress

Prioritize Segments of companies and group contacts by role, then match content recommendations to them

Leverage automation at each channel so tactics are executed automatically while your team focuses on testing and finding insights

All touchpoints should deliver on the same theme so that your message is amplified and becomes more effective

Collect what you can’t enrich or need to validate for scoring and reporting on prospects and campaigns

Use patterns in the data for companies (profile, tech, activities, etc.) and contacts (profile and activities) to score and prioritize

Support the sales team with intel on the buying group and their activities, recommendations on content, events, and promos

Annually and quarterly review what worked efficiently and effectively to update models and rules and next cycle’s budgets

In upcoming blog posts, we will deep dive into these groupings of process and technology to discuss what is included, how the ideal process should work, and how to make setup and adjustments.

Originally published at on December 2, 2020.

Seasoned marketing operations professional with a love for marketing automation and data science.

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